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Kevin Durant called LeBron James after toxic comments

LeBron James, Kevin Durant

LeBron James had mixed feelings after first hearing about Kevin Durant’s bombshell comments about people joining him in a championship crusade, as the Golden State Warriors forward reportedly spilled grease on James’ recruiting efforts by citing the environment around him as “toxic.” James received a call from Durant shortly after in hopes to clear up the situation.

“Got a phone call from KD,” James said. “He mentioned how he felt and how the story… how he felt the story took a twist. And as a man, I can’t, I don’t hold on to things — too long. I’m too happy in my life right now, and I don’t hold on to anything that will take away from my happiness.”

The Los Angeles Lakers star did his due diligence by telling the press he’d rather read the full context of the story before commenting on it, giving himself a chance to not only inform himself thoroughly, but also give Durant time to reach out.

Durant’s comments came out a bit sharp, but there was an awful lot of truth seared into his words, as he revealed the elephant in the room and noted how superstar players joining James often have to sacrifice a large part of their game to play alongside The King.

After 15 years in the league and several recruiting efforts, stars like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and even Durant have seen just how much the likes of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have sacrificed over the years to concretize their championship hopes — and while it was worth it for some of them, it no longer is for a few others who realize James is at the tail end of his prime.