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Warriors forward Kevin Durant dives into the real dynamics of Team USA for NBA stars

Kevin Duran

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant describes Team USA as an “incubator for basketball geniuses,” and he admits that being part of the USA national basketball team has helped him improve his game in more ways than one.

Durant, who has been a mainstay of Team USA for the past several years, recently shared the type of dynamics that team has, which has served as a motivation for him to keep on representing the country at the international stage.

Speaking to Mark Medina of The Mercury News, Durant explained that camaraderie and a shared vision of the game are two of the most important aspects of Team USA as a unit.

“You want to play with players that feel the way you feel about the game and the way you work,” Durant said. “That mutual respect, you want to be around that every single day. You get that every day at Team USA.”

Kevin Durant went on to say that playing for Team USA is much more than just raking in gold medals left and right. The Warriors superstar pointed that it feels great to be with players that give their all on the basketball court, adding that he can develop his game further and take it to the next level by playing with such athletes.

“It’s not the fact of ‘Let’s team up to win championships,’” Durant added. “That’s definitely the main goal. But that’s a surface level thing. Deep down, players enjoy being around each other on that level where I know this guy is just as good as me. I know this guy works as hard as me. I can take something from him that will help my game. It’s an incubator for basketball geniuses. That’s what Team USA is.”

Is Durant speaking about Team USA here or is he already describing how he feels about the Warriors? Either way, the 30-year-old appears to be in a good place right now in terms of how his basketball career has progressed over the past decade or so.