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Kevin Durant reacts to uncharacteristic mistake during final seconds

Kevin Durant didn’t take his clutch-time gaffe lightly in the waning seconds of a highly-contested affair against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Golden State Warriors forward stepped out of bounds as he took and made a 3-point jumper with 8.8 seconds to go in the game, having the basket waived off with his back heel appearing to touch out of bounds.

The play was reviewed and the basket was disallowed, one that would have cut the Warriors’ four-point deficit into one.

“I was just trying to catch the ball and make the shot,” Durant said after the game. “My court awareness is usually better than that, so I gotta start working on that curl shot around the corner.”

“That’s hard to curl your feet and get it perfectly behind the line. It’s good to see that I stepped out of bounds, so I can start working on that now.”

Despite dropping 50 points on the Blazers right before the All-Star break (his highest scoring output in a Warriors jersey), Durant will be adding to his ever-growing repertoire of odd and challenging shots.

Prior to every game, the lanky forward is working on core-balance shots during warmups, shooting off of one foot with both his right and left; as well as turning around at awkward angles and getting the shot off.

Shooting off the curl in such a tight space like the corner will be especially challenging, as he wears a shoe size 18, taking up a big chunk of the narrow space between the arc and the out of bounds line.