Warriors news: Kevin Durant remains strongly noncommittal when discussing free agency
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Warriors’ Kevin Durant remains strongly noncommittal when discussing free agency

Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant remained largely noncommittal to his free agency landing after being pressed for comment following a Game 4 win over the L.A. Clippers in the first round of the postseason.

The Warriors forward is largely expected to land with the New York Knicks this upcoming summer, with many keenly aware that the defending champions will not have the money to pay him while re-signing Klay Thompson to his next contract at the end of this season.

“I don’t know. I never know,” Durant told Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area. “Nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don’t think about the future, bro. Like that. Of course, I think about it, but not like, let me make these [plans], let me go ahead and go through the logistics and the details. I don’t go through details on s**t like this.

“My whole thing is, I don’t even want the business to get in the way of basketball. So, in the beginning of the season, my whole thing was like, let that s**t [go]… that s**t has nothing to do with me during the season. That has nothing to do with what we’re doing on the court.”

His responses have done little to dissipate the expectation that he will leave the Warriors as a free agent, a much more different tone than his commitment to return another year after the last two postseasons.

Besides the Knicks, the L.A. Clippers and the Brooklyn Nets are believed to have an outside chance to acquire him as well, though that remains to be seen as things unfold over the course of the offseason.