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Kevin Durant says Donald Trump ‘doesn’t have a soul’

Steve Kerr, Warriors, Kevin Durant, Donald Trump

Kevin Durant appeared in C.J. McCollum’s Pull Up podcast, talking about basketball, summer vacations, lifestyle, and well… politics. Among them Durant’s feelings toward the current administration, taking his best shot yet at President Donald Trump.

“He doesn’t have a soul bro,” Durant said of Trump, according to Josh Eberley of HOOP Magazine. “I don’t even know, he don’t have a soul. He doesn’t have a soul. The stuff he says and does, bro. Like, you gotta have something deep down… Something’s missing for you to say that type of stuff.”

Durant has been long-critical of Trump’s decisions throughout his regime at the helm of the nation.

From turning down two straight visits to the White House to constantly denouncing his stances and actions since he was first elected president.

The two-time Finals MVP hasn’t been shy of voicing his takes on the current regime, but he’s followed through with his actions. He recently organized a visit to a Black History museum for kids of his hometown of Seat Pleasant, Maryland, as the Golden State Warriors took on that historical visit with the community in late February, right before the team faced the Washington Wizards.

Kevin Durant has also backed up his claim with several contributions, giving back to his alma mater of Texas, sponsoring kids’ college tuition, and helping build a basketball court for the local youth — all within this past season.