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Kevin Durant shrugs off late scuffle involving Tristan Thompson, Draymond Green

kevin durant

The Golden State Warriors drew first blood in the 2018 NBA Finals with a 124-114 overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The game was closer than what the score suggests. Apart from that, the score does not tell how hotly contested the game was. So hot, in fact, that Tristan Thompson was ejected out of the game with only 2.6 seconds left in overtime after a referee caught him making an attempt to hit Shaun Livingston with his elbow.

Just when Thompson was headed for the locker room, Draymond Green entered the picture, agitating Thompson, who then sparked a shoving match with Green. The game basically was done at that point with everyone just needing to hear the sound of the final buzzer. There was no need for such commotion on the court, but sometimes, emotions just run too high in this kind of game.

Following the contest, Kevin Durant was asked what he thought of the mini-skirmish between Thompson and Green. To that, Durant merely dismissed it as nothing but a part of the past the Warriors would rather move on from than waste time talking about, per Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

As for his performance, Durant compiled a total of 26 points on 8-for-22 shooting from the field and 9-for-10 from the foul line in 46 minutes. He was also a great presence on the defensive end, as he had three blocks and a steal.

Durant and the Warriors now eye a 2-0 series lead this Sunday at home.