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Kevin Durant trolls Warriors star Klay Thompson after ‘big milestone’

Warriors, Kevin Durant, Nets, Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson celebrated a “big milestone” on Tuesday after he returned to Chase Center to work out. However, Kevin Durant didn’t waste the opportunity to troll him.

Thompson posted  photos of his shooting workout on Instagram, but instead of congratulating his former Warriors teammate, KD trolled him hard and poked fun at his shot. The Brooklyn Nets star commented “Shortbread,” which is something that Klay yells when someone hits the front rim on a shot (per NBC Sports).

Talk about giving Klay a taste of his own medicine…in this case trolling.

Kevin Durant has probably heard Klay Thompson say that to him during his time with the Warriors, and what better time to get back at his teammate, right?

However, KD probably put himself in a dangerous situation here. After all, he did end up having a “super shortbread” in the Nets’ Game 7 against the Milwaukee Bucks after his supposed game-winner in OT didn’t even hit the rim. It is possible Thompson would remind him of that in his rebuttal (and we’ll be waiting for it!).

While Durant’s final season with the Warriors in 2018-19 was surrounded with a lot of controversies, it is clear he remains in a good relationship with the likes of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. They can still have that friendly banter from time to time, and it is obvious in this case.

Thompson is working his way back from Achilles injury after missing the past two seasons. It will certainly be nice to see him and the Warriors face KD and his Nets next season, and hopefully, we can hear them yelling “shortbread” at each other.