Warriors news: Kevin Looney says the bigs need to be more active on offense
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Kevin Looney says the bigs need to be more active on offense


Losing streaks haven’t been a problem in recent years for the Golden State Warriors but now it is something they have to deal with albeit missing some key players. The Warriors are currently on a four-game losing streak– a first in the Steve Kerr era.

Most of the reason for the losses can be attributed to the fact that the Warriors don’t have All-Stars Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and DeMarcus Cousins due to injury. That said, they still have two All-Stars available in Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson — more than enough for any team to compete.

Another reason is the inconsistent play of the bigs who are being expected to step up in the absence of Green and Cousins. Forward Kevon Looney offered his thoughts in an interview with Mercury News:

“With those guys out, it’s a lot of offense for us. So we’re trying to stay aggressive,” Looney said. “With bigs, we’re not used to people making plays for us. So we have to be out there and be aggressive and help KD and Klay [Thompson] shoulder the load in getting extra possessions or getting putbacks.”

Looney is currently averaging 5.8 points and 52 rebounds per game. In terms of the bigs available to play, he has more experience compared to Damian Jones and Jordan Bell.

There is still no reason to panic for the Warriors fans out there. It’s still less than 20 games into the season and the Warriors still have a whole season ahead of them to fix their issues. Make no mistake, the Warriors are still the favorites to win it all.