Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson is already one of the best shooters to ever step foot on the NBA court, though his brother Trayce Thompson still can’t believe he pursued basketball over football.

Speaking to Natasha Dye of People, Trayce admitted that he always thought Klay was going to be an American football player. After all, the Warriors sharpshooter was the quarterback on his high school freshman team, and he’s pretty good at it.

“I thought he was going to play football. He doesn’t talk about a lot anymore, but he was a really good quarterback,” Trayce explained.

Trayce, who is now playing professional baseball with the Los Angeles Dogers, shared that he always knew Klay is going to succeed in the NBA. What really surprised him, however, is that “he quit football as early as he did.”

It’s not hard to imagine Klay Thompson being a quarterback. Considering his arm strength and his accuracy when shooting the basketball, those innate abilities could have really translated well in football.

Warriors fans will be thankful that Klay chose basketball over football, though. After all, without him, the Dubs wouldn’t have won as much championships (four) as they did in the last eight years. That’s just how crucial Klay was to the team.

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It speaks volumes that Golden State competed for the title once again after Klay returned from a two-year injury recovery.

While it would have been fun to see quarterback Klay in the NFL, we’re pretty much happy to have the other half of the Splash Bros. dominating in the NBA.