Warriors news: Klay Thompson calls Kelly Oubre's punches 'caresses'
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Klay Thompson calls Kelly Oubre’s punches ‘caresses’

Klay Thompson

During the fracas that mainly involved Bradley Beal and Draymond Green in last Friday’s heated matchup between the Washington Wizards and the Golden State Warriors, Wizards forward Kelly Oubre Jr. managed to get into the action as well, sneaking a few cheap shots that hit Klay Thompson and even John Wall.

While Green and Beal were both ejected following the skirmish, Oubre avoided any in-game penalty and was allowed to roam the court free the rest of the contest. Upon further review by league officials, no one is going to be suspended because of that scuffle.

That’s good news for everyone on both teams’ camps, including Kelly Oubre, who will now only have to deal with Klay Thompson ribbing him for what the Warriors guard thought of as light punches he received from the Wizards swingman, via Marcus Thompson II  of The Athletic.

Video showed Oubre caught John Wall, his teammate, in the back of the head and Klay Thompson in the face. “Those were caresses,” Thompson said, demonstrating on Pachulia’s face.

Klay Thompson was only trying to break up the fight that spilled over to the stands, and while he caught a couple of fists in the process and wasn’t able to retaliate instantly, he probably hurt Kelly Oubre’s ego more than the Wizards’ third-year forward hurt the Warriors guard’s skull with the way he belittled Oubre’s punches.