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Warriors’ Klay Thompson explains his meditation, visualization routine before games

Klay Thompson, Warriors

Klay Thompson put his imprint on a clutch Game 6 performance to close out the Houston Rockets, but perhaps the most shocking aspect of this recent series was finding out he meditates before games. Though there likely isn’t a more fitting pregame routine for the often-Zen Golden State Warriors sharpshooter, Thompson explained how he has gone about meditating throughout his career:

“I try to do it the night before a game,” said Thompson. “Andre Iguodala told me that Tiger Woods visualizes every single shot he shoots on 18 holes in the golf course. If he can do that, that’s incredible. So many golf swings.

“I try to do the same approach with basketball. I just try to visualize getting my spots, what my opponents are going to do, so when you come to the game, you’ve kind of seen it before.”

Not exactly sure if Thompson visualized carrying the team for the entire first half with 21 points or that his backcourt partner Stephen Curry would go scoreless, once again battling foul trouble, but the sure-shot sniper did just that, helping the Warriors tread water and putting the final splash with a wing 3-pointer that ultimately helped seal the game late in the fourth quarter.

It’s only fitting that a Zen-like figure like Thompson meditates, visualizes and carries that into a game. He will need an awful lot more of those pregame antics to take down a motivated Portland Trail Blazers team without the help of Kevin Durant for the start of the series.