Klay Thompson has not gotten back into NBA All-Star form after his injury. But, the Golden State Warriors know that he can recuperate and produce for the team despite this. Steve Kerr's sets and schematics still revolve around his and Stephen Curry's favor. But, all of that may go to waste if he does not get a shot at another contract before the end of the NBA season. Mike Dunleavy Jr. unveils what he plans to do with the other half of the Splash Brothers, via NBC Sports.

“I think there is a desire to extend or be back, make sure those guys are in the fold. So, I think both sides feel that way. When you are working off that idea, I think you can come to a deal. Hopefully, we can do that,” the Warriors general manager declared.

Klay Thompson has been a crucial part of the Warriors dynasty. He and Stephen Curry redefined how basketball is played in the NBA and all over the world. This was largely because of how they survived off of perimeter shots despite their small frames in the mid-to-late 2010s. His impact on the Bay Area is also huge.

But, Mike Dunleavy Jr. is still not sure when they will be able to get a deal done before the NBA season starts, “In this scenario, there is no specific timeline. We do have conversations. But, the main goal is to secure those guys moving forward… We're optimistic.”

Training camps start in a few days. Will the Warriors be able to get the deal done before then?