The Golden State Warriors have been one of the biggest question marks in the NBA during the 2023-24 season. Aside from all the struggles and inconsistencies they have faced on the court, there are also questions being asked about what the future holds.

After Steve Kerr recently signed his two-year contract extension with the team, he now finds himself with the organization for at least two more years alongside Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. What does this mean for Klay Thompson, though, since he is set to become a free agent in the offseason?

Thompson and his future with the Warriors have been a key talking point since the year began. The two sides were not close to reaching an extension agreement in the offseason, and the five-time All-Star seems to be a shell of the player he used to be.

Nobody can fault Thompson for the regression he has seen this season, as many players wouldn't have even been able to return from back-to-back ACL and Achilles injuries like he did a few years ago.

Now 34 years old and having battled through wear and tear, Thompson has seen his role change as of late with the Warriors. Recently, Kerr moved Klay to the bench, a role he has not held since his rookie season with the Warriors.

Certainly, every player, especially someone of Thompson's pedigree, wants to start and be a key contributor. However, Thompson has been willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win and has fully embraced his new role with Golden State.

Klay Thompson's desire to remain with the Warriors

Warriors' Klay Thompson reacts to injury report update ahead of 76ers game

In regards to how this new bench role impacts Thompson's future with the Warriors, given that his contract is nearing its end, the four-time champion has continued to reiterate the mantra that the Warriors are the organization he wants to spend his entire career with.

“Not really,” Thompson told The Athletic's Sam Amick regarding whether his bench role changes his mindset of returning to Golden State. “I mean, you’ve still got to examine all of your options, but I would love to be a Warrior for life.

“Whatever happens though, I’ve got a few more years to play this game, so I’m gonna enjoy every second. I realize that I see light at the end of the tunnel, [and] I’m not sure if I want to play until I’m 40, man. That sounds really exhausting.”

The idea of playing late into their respective careers is something Thompson, Curry, and Green have all talked about. This trio wants to remain together for their entire careers, and they recognize how special it would be to achieve such a feat.

Even if the Warriors don't win another championship, these three stars would have accomplished something very few in NBA history have done by spending the entirety of their careers together.

This is the main reason for Klay wanting to remain with the Warriors, the organization that gave him a chance as the 11th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. As frustrating as it may be for him to come off the bench at times given his history in this league, Thompson has fully embraced his role as a mentor and key contributor for the next generation of this franchise.

“I’m doing great,” Thompson continued. “I think I’m doing much better in not putting my identity in my performance, especially after 11 years of NBA basketball. That alone is an incredible accomplishment. And to be out here and still be playing and having fun and being healthy, that trumps any big shooting night or 50-40-90 milestones.”

Thompson explained that it took him a while to realize this but that he has been much more at peace with everything that has happened, knowing that this may be his last opportunity to play in the NBA.

“Guys would kill to be in my shoes, even with all the injuries and all that. The heights we’ve reached are rare, so it’s been awesome.”

When Thompson hits free agency in the offseason, assuming there is no extension agreed to out of the blue at the end of this season, this will be his last chance to really cash in on what he has done in his career.

Since the very start of the season, Klay has made it clear that he wants to be a “Warrior for life.” This mindset has not changed, and it would come as a shock to see Thompson in any other jersey than a Warriors one.