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Klay Thompson on snapping out of slump: ‘I just knew I was due for a big night’

Klay Thompson, Warriors

Klay Thompson was mired in a seven-game slump to start the season, a shadow of the career-best 44 percent 3-point shooter he was during his 2017-18 campaign with the Golden State Warriors. Many expected him to snap out of his slump at one point or another, but only he knew just how the fireworks would light up once he did.

“I just knew I was due for a big night,” said Klay Thompson post-game, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “I just knew it.”

Thompson didn’t just snap out of his slump, but he did so in a major way, tallying 52 points in 26 minutes of action and breaking the NBA’s record set by his Warriors teammate Stephen Curry, burying 14 treys after activating his own Human Torch mechanism.

“It’s the best feeling,” Klay Thompson said of being in the zone. “Something I haven’t felt in the first six, seven games. To snap out of a slump with the record, I couldn’t ask for a better way to do it. And I’m just going to continue this momentum on Wednesday, and it’s one of the best feelings in basketball when you touch the ball and feel like it’s going in every time.”

Thompson was a ghastly 5-of-36 (13 percent) before Monday night’s game against the Chicago Bulls, but managed to raise his percentage to 31.6 percent after burying 14-of-24 from downtown in a performance for the books.

Perhaps what was most astonishing is seeing the willingness in other Warriors passing him the ball consistently to let him reach the all-time mark, including Curry, who broke the previous mark of 12 to become the sole owner of the 3-point record after a 13-trey outing against the New Orleans Pelicans in 2016.

“I really believe, I don’t know if I would have been able to break the records I have got in my past, just like tonight, without the system I play in or the team I’m with or the guys I play with,” Klay Thompson said. “Because they knew even before I went out for the second half. Steph looked at the box score and said, ‘Go get it.’ And that just shows you the unselfishness that is within him. Same with KD and Draymond and DJ and everyone else that was out there on the floor trying to find me and get me good looks.”

Curry delivered the record-tying assist while Kevin Durant assisted in the record-breaker, finding an open Thompson in stride for a side dribble to re-write history.