Warriors news: Klay Thompson takes shot at Hawks after 17-point win
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Klay Thompson takes ruthless shot when asked if young Hawks remind him of Warriors

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Klay Thompson is already on the record for claiming the L.A. Clippers’ defense was nothing special during an overtime loss last month, but his streak of ruthlessness has not left him despite losing six of the last 10 games in this young season. Following a 17-point win over the Atlanta Hawks, Klay Thompson was asked if this young team reminded him of a younger Golden State Warriors.

“Maybe like seven years ago,” said Thompson scoffing at the notion. “They’re young, you got to give them some time.

I love coach Lloyd, I think he puts in place a great system. Obviously they have Trae Young, who nears what Steph can do, not at the level he can do it at yet, but give a guy some time, he’s only 20 years old.”

Tell us how you really feel, Klay.

The Young-Curry comparisons were aplenty prior to the start of Monday’s game, but it took for only the first quarter to start for viewers to realize the vast difference between the rookie and the nine-year pro.

Curry left Young with minimal breathing room at the offensive end, closing out on his jump shots effectively and even picking up three fouls before halftime, which set him back a bit.

Young mustered 20 points on 20 shots with seven turnovers, going scoreless from the 3-point line and making only 40 percent of his shots while Curry put up an effortless 30 on 10-of-17 shooting and 6-of-10 from beyond the arc, demonstrating a clear mastery of navigating screens and finding himself open at various spots of the court.

Trae Young has a bright future, but he’s struggling to transition into the NBA, as his shot selection has been poor, reflected in the 37.9 percent efficiency from the floor and a miserable 23.9 percent from deep — one of his biggest calling cards as a high draft pick. The Oklahoma product has only shot 50 percent or better from the floor in two of the Hawks’ 24 games this season — a clear sign that Atlanta’s progress starts and ends with him at the tip of the spear.