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Warriors’ Klay Thompson texted Zaza Pachulia 11-1 score in their dunk count

klay thompson, zaza pachulia

Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson rained threes on Tuesday night at the Pepsi Center, just like the rest of his All-Star teammates, but what caught the eyes of the bench and the viewers at home was a career-high four-dunk performance he put up before exiting early in the fourth quarter of a blowout 142-111 win over the Denver Nuggets. Thompson had an ongoing bet with former teammate Zaza Pachulia as to who would finish the season with the most dunks, and he couldn’t wait to give him the count β€” doing so in the midst of his post-game availability.

Thompson: “I don’t know, but he was there to let me know he saw the ‘bounce’ from us.”

Reporter: “You know what the count is this year?”

Thompson: “I got to be winning this year.”

Reporter: “I believe it’s 11-1.”

Thompson: “Ha! Good! I’m going to text him that. Right now actually. (Klay then looks down on his phone, finds Pachulia’s message and begins to point out the bragging rights) ‘You. Have. One. Dunk. I. Have. 11. This. Year. Pay me.”

It’s rare enough to see Klay Thompson sky for a dunk, given that he makes his living from the perimeter, hardly taking many dribbles to get to his preferred spots.

On Tuesday night, Thompson was actively running the floor for the Warriors, winding up with plenty of opportunities to finish at the rim unbothered, adding to his slam tally quickly with a rout underway.

Zaza Pachulia, despite being 7-feet tall, isn’t too nimble or athletic β€” and at this stage of his career doesn’t get many minutes β€” making this a losing gamble with Thompson from the start.