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Klay Thompson notes Warriors want to go undefeated for rest of the season

Upon winning four straight games after of the All-Star break, taking out the Washington Wizards on the road, Klay Thompson is hopeful the Golden State Warriors can keep the foot on the pedal and go in one of their patented streaks, as they have done in the last three seasons.

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“We’re really trying to win every game going into the playoffs. And it might be unrealistic, but it’d be nice to do that,” Thompson told reporters in Washington D.C. Wednesday. “We’re right on Houston’s heels. We got a very tight race right now. So we got to try to take the lead.”

Out West, there are the Houston Rockets and the Warriors, then there is everyone else, possessing an 11.5-game differential with third-placed Minnesota Timberwolves and 12.5 games ahead of the San Antonio Spurs.

The Warriors have 20 games left, but also possess one of the easiest rest-of-the-season schedules in the league, with no long road trips of three games or more and no more than three back-to-backs on the schedule.

In what was a game of runs against the Wizards, the Warriors only let go of the lead for a mere five seconds, before they went up again for good, notching a 109-101 victory on the road.

“You got to obviously stay in the moment,” said Stephen Curry. “But we haven’t run off a long win streak in a while. So that would be a nice feeling going into the playoffs if we could build that type of momentum.”

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“I think more so, on top of that, we’ve been in the situation where we’ve just tried to win games as opposed to really reflect on how we’re playing night in and night out. We’re approaching that mindset with a different perspective, holding ourselves to a high standard, not just our talent outplaying other teams. We have to actually play better.”

Houston had railed off 14 wins in a row and their streak doesn’t appear to end anytime soon. If the Warriors can keep course, it would give them the best chance to gain sole possession of the No. 1 seed.