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Mike Brown assures David West was trolling media with ominous message

mike brown, david west

David West could be finishing his career by riding into the sunset as a two-time NBA champion, but the veteran forward/center left a mystery to solve, as he left the media quite the cryptic bombshell about the mighty Golden State Warriors — one which no one was able to unearth.

“We dealt with some things internally,” said West after winning his second consecutive title with the Golden State Warriors. “When you guys find out about that (stuff), y’all are going to trip. I’m serious. Y’all are going to trip.”

Forward Kevon Looney was one of many that were asked about this very quote but only attributed it to West’s sense of humor.

“D-West always likes to mess with the media,” said Looney, according to Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area.

Assistant coach Mike Brown was a guest on The Full 48 Podcast with Howard Beck and went even deeper into West’s cryptic farewell.

“There’s no deep, dark secret,” said Brown. “We had our ups and downs throughout the course of the year, just like any other team. We were able to get through them.”

“Steve (Kerr) asked David or talked to David about it, and David was like, ‘I was joking (laughter). I just wanted to stir the pot a little bit.’ And he sure enough did. There’s nothing to it.”

West has been known as a joker, but he sure chose an interesting time to pull off one of his best pranks.

The Warriors get plenty of media coverage from local and national entities, and if they were unable to get to the bottom of it, it’s likely the pot was stirred with an invisible spoon.