Patrick Beverley of the Minnesota Timberwolves is making headlines of late, but it isn't exactly for the best of reasons. The veteran guard has been traded twice over the course of the last few days. At this point, the mean streets of Twitter reminded Beverley of one particular statement he made against Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry a few years ago.

If the idiom “did not age well” was in the dictionary, Beverley's two-year-old comments would probably be the perfect definition for the same. For those in need of context, this is what Beverley told Stephen Curry in 2019 (h/t ClutchPoints on Facebook):

Image            Stephen Curry

As it turns out, Beverley never uttered these words. Or at least, this is what the 33-year-old is claiming to be the truth:

Apparently, Beverley is denying that he ever said these exact words to Stephen Curry.

Pat Bev is one of the most outspoken players in the NBA, and honestly, this type of statement is pretty on-brand for him. Nevertheless, if we were to take his word for it, then it seems this exchange with Stephen Curry never went down in the first place.

Unfortunately for Beverley, who is now a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves, the internet is going to believe what it wants to believe. He may have vehemently denied uttering these words to Stephen Curry, but many won't think it's going to make much of an impact for most folks, especially considering how this statement totally backfired on Patrick Beverley in epic fashion.