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Warriors’ Stephen Curry speaks out on Draymond Green’s ‘narrative’ since being a young guy

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The Golden State Warriors are among the top defensive teams in the NBA, primarily because of Draymond Green, who won Defensive Player of the Year once in 2017 but is typically a top candidate for the award. What makes Green such an extraordinary defender? His ability to guard positions 1 through 5 and make everybody on the floor better defenders.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr recently opened up on Green’s candidacy for Defensive Player of the Year this season as he leads a top-five defense.

“I think he should always get Defensive Player of the Year considerations,” Kerr told ClutchPoints. “He’s clearly one of the best defenders in the league. I think every coach in the league will tell you when you go into a game, there are certain guys who you know are going to truly impact the game defensively. Gobert is one. Draymond is another. I’m sure there are several others I can think of. There are literally only five or six guys you go into a game thinking, ‘I really have to account for this guy.’ He’s that good defensively. He should be in that conversation every year.”

Just like his offense, you often won’t see Green’s superior defensive greatness on the stat sheet. He doesn’t rack up a ton of steals or blocks, but when you follow a Warriors game, you recognize his importance on the court. Standing at 6-foot-7, he’s the anchor on defense and holds everybody accountable. He’s the player you love to have on your team, but you hate playing against him.

Stephen Curry revealed his thoughts on the type of player Green is, even going back to the beginning of his career.

“Draymond is who he is,” Curry said. “He began that narrative back in the day, he can influence the game, and it wouldn’t show up in the stat sheet. He just made winning plays. He was just a young guy, and he really inserted himself in this league and became a dominant defensive player.

Players who win championships figure out that it might not be best for team to focus so much on scoring, and sacrifices must be made. Green has that sort of mindset on the defensive side of things. People say he’s not the same player he was during the title years in Golden State because isn’t putting up the same numbers defensively. If you have played basketball before, you understand defense is not always about blocking shots or obtaining a bunch of steals. Green anchors the defense and organizes everything as a great communicator and leader who’s smart and is constantly making winning plays.

When it’s time to vote on the award, if they understand this, Draymond Green will have a great chance at being the Defensive Player of the Year once again.