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Video: Stephen Curry brings out goggles after nifty pass to Kelly Oubre Jr.

Stephen Curry, Warriors, Kelly Oubre Jr.

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry isn’t just known for his lethal stroke from deep, but also for his nifty dishes to his teammates. In their win against the New York Knicks on Tuesday, Curry displayed his vision by delivering a smooth dime to Kelly Oubre Jr.

Oubre didn’t waste Curry’s beautiful drop pass as he finished the play with a slam. Curry brought out the imaginary goggles as he celebrated and the Warriors bench promptly followed suit.

Curry’s highlight reel is usually filled with him swishing the net from literally different parts of the floor. But the two-time MVP is actually one heck of a passer as well, and this may well be an underrated part of his game.

Yes, Draymond Green usually orchestrates the offense for the Warriors, but Curry has also successfully made the Warriors’ offense one of the most potent over the past few years. It certainly helps that defenses almost always collapse when Curry has the rock in his hands.

The seven-time All-Star is a dead shot from downtown but he’s also a great finisher at the rim. As seen in the play, a total of four Knicks defenders were locked on Stephen Curry. He was wise and experienced enough to know that at least one teammate would be left wide open.