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WATCH: Warriors star Stephen Curry drops GOAT knowledge on extremely lucky campers

Stephen Curry

It’s not every day that you get to take part in Stephen Curry’s own basketball camp. It’s even a rarer occasion when the greatest shooter of all time leads the drills and drops some major knowledge to some extremely lucky members of his camp.

A clip of the Golden State Warriors superstar sharing some tricks of the trade to his campers is currently making its rounds on social media. In it, Steph shares some GOAT-level knowledge about what it takes to be an elite shooter (h/t Nick DePaula of ESPN):

Obviously, none of these campers are going to be as good as Stephen Curry when it comes to shooting. At this point, it’s hard to imagine anyone getting on the same level as the four-time NBA champ in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, Curry imparted a lot of knowledge to these young men and women — lessons that they can use to significantly improve their own crafts.

It’s amazing to see a whole gym filled with aspiring athletes and professional coaches stand in awe as they listen to Curry speak. This just goes to show how much admiration the Warriors talisman has earned throughout what has been an unbelievable NBA career. He’s far from done too, and it is clear that Stephen Curry still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

The Warriors aren’t considered the favorites to win it all again this coming season — at least according to the bookmakers. Steph has probably caught wind of this slander, and once again, he’s out to prove something in 2022-23.