The Golden State Warriors saw their two-game winning streak come to an end on Sunday in a brutal 112-110 loss against a Nikola Jokic-less Denver Nuggets side. It was another road defeat for Stephen Curry and Co. , who just continue to struggle in what is now looking like a lackluster title defense for the champs.

If you ask Kendrick Perkins, he believes that it's all over for the Dubs. The former NBA champ turned ESPN analyst has drawn the curtain on the Warriors and their title aspirations. And Big Perk isn't just talking about this season. In his mind, Golden State's dynasty years are done for:

“I just don't see the togetherness there no more,” Perkins said. “… It's just not there. I just think — and I've said this time and time again — their time, their championship days, they're over.  When I look at the Golden State Warriors, I look at a lot of individuals that are not bought into (the) team anymore, just individual success.”

That's brutally harsh, and obviously, Dub Nation isn't going to like Perkins' comments here one bit.

Big Perk also argued that the Warriors are in the midst of an “identity crisis” right now with a lot of new faces on the squad. Pekins also pointed out that the extended absence of Andrew Wiggins has also been integral to Golden State's downfall. It goes without saying that at this point, Kendrick Perkins clearly isn't betting on the Warriors going all the way this year.