The Golden State Warriors enter the Western Conference Finals as the favorites against Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. The Dubs advancing to the NBA Finals is far from a foregone conclusion, however. As a matter of fact, one NBA scout believes that the Mavs have what it takes to upset Stephen Curry and Co. in the Western Conference Finals.

The anonymous source told Darnell Mayberry and Josh Robbins of The Athletic that he believes the Mavs will emerge victorious in this series. It might not be the popular opinion, but the scout thinks Dallas has shown that they are more than capable of slaying the giant, so to speak:

“Dallas has got momentum. They’re confident. That is going to be a factor in the series. Nobody expected them to be there — maybe not even themselves. They’re going in with this massive amount of confidence, so how can you possibly count them out? They may be underdogs, but (look at what they just accomplished by crushing the Suns in Game 7 on the Suns’ home floor).

“I pick Dallas in this series. I just think they have better depth, and they’re on a high. Golden State is depleted.”

The scout also took a bit of a shot at the Warriors and their health. Gary Payton II, Otto Porter and Andre Iguodala have all been sitting out for the Dubs due to respective injuries and there's no denying that Golden State is shorthanded at the moment. This could be the key factor in the series that takes the Mavs over the edge.