Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry appeared to hurt the feelings of some when he boldly proclaimed that he was the greatest point guard of all time over Magic Johnson. As is the case with most things, old heads quickly became defensive of their legacies, with Michael Jordan sternly denying Curry's claim. But Curry isn't fazed in the slightest by this dissent from two of the greatest to ever grace the hardwood.

Speaking with Whitney Sandretto of 95.7 The Game, the Warriors star just conceded that there will never be a definitive answer as to who's the greatest due to the fact that humans can only experience time in a forward motion — so there's simply no way to bridge the eras and solve in an objective manner who stands out as the best floor general of all time.

“The unsolvable debate, that's why everybody loves to talk about it. I can say I'm the best, and Magic can defend his position, and any other point guard can chime in. It's the beautiful thing about basketball, and the eras,” Curry said.

Of course, even though the Warriors star believes in his standing as the greatest player in his position, owing to his transformative nature and ability to raise the level of his team by virtue of his gravity and unselfishness, he has nothing but respect for his peers who helped pave the way for him, like Magic Johnson.

“Obviously, there’s so much respect and admiration for what Magic did in his career. His resume is second to none,” Curry added.

At the end of the day, Stephen Curry doesn't measure success in absolutes. The fact that he's not out of place in that conversation is, for the Warriors star, already a smashing success.

“If you're in that conversation, no matter what era you're from, no matter what your style of play was, whatever it is, if you’re in that conversation, then it’s a job well done,” Curry continued. “I'm still obviously adding to [my legacy] and that's what I love about the conversation.”

If Stephen Curry manages to win his fifth ring, then even the old heads may have to concede that the Warriors star, indeed, may be the greatest point guard to ever do it even if he doesn't play in a traditional sense.