Warriors news: Stephen Curry explains renewed chemistry with Kevin Durant
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Warriors’ Stephen Curry explains renewed chemistry with Kevin Durant

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The Golden State Warriors have not missed a beat despite losing several key pieces from last year. The newfound chemistry of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant has managed to be enough to propel the team to a 6-1 record despite a slumping Klay Thompson and a Draymond Green who is still getting back into playing shape.

Curry, who leads the NBA is scoring with 33.9 points per game, explained what has changed from a sluggish 2017-18 season to this one.

“Because we went through what we went through last year,” Curry explained, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “And it’s kind of fresh in your memory in terms of how terrible a feeling it was night in, night out. Nothing clicking, not having any energy or juice. Just making things harder than they should be, so we’ve talked about it, we’ve been open about it as a team, kind of set mini-goals to start off the season better.

Obviously, we’re not going to blow people out every night; it’s going be to be tough. This is the NBA, there’s talent everywhere, but I think looking at the eye test and how we feel walking up the court, we’re playing with a lot more focus and more disciple better than we did last year starting off the year. That’s a good kind of vibe to have as you go through the 82 [regular-season games].”

The Warriors were only 4-3 through their first seven games last season and went through a grind for much of the year, struggling to find the motivation and fit the new pieces into the roster.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have carried the torch so far, with both players averaging over 30 points per game in the early get-go, something Curry believes could happen throughout the entire season under the right circumstances.