The last several years have been tough for the Golden State Warriors. From winning three titles in five years to a bottom-feeder last year, it has definitely been a rollercoaster ride, especially for star guard Stephen Curry.

Despite everything he's gone through, Curry still believes he has ample gas left in the tank.

Curry, now 32 years old and the oldest player in the Warriors, knows very well that he's almost at the tail end of his prime. However, Curry has adopted a mindset that makes him feel that he's in his mid-20s.

“I was going to say [after] the five year run, we played an extra season and a half in those playoffs, but then I got it back last year,” the Warriors star said, per Nick Fridell of ESPN. “So, I don't know, I feel like I'm in my mid-20s right now. I don't know what that means. Maybe I'm just tricking myself … I guess the mind has to be strong to tell your body how young you are, or how young you feel. So just run it through that. I don't have any concerns about falling off any time soon.”

While fans tag the 2020-21 NBA season as the Warriors' comeback year, hopes of returning to contention were slightly derailed when Klay Thompson tore his ACL in the offseason.

The Warriors are doing reasonably well in the young campaign. Obviously, a lot has to be ironed out on both ends of the floor, but it certainly helps that Stephen Curry is remaining positive throughout this long journey for another title.