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Stephen Curry: ‘I agree with LeBron’ on visit to White House

Stephen Curry, Warriors, LeBron James

Stephen Curry’s sentiment over the White House invitation pulled from the Philadelphia Eagles doesn’t stray far from his counterpart LeBron James, who noted that regardless of the winner of this NBA Finals, neither team would be willing to attend it under a Donald Trump presidency.

Faced with his adversary’s words regarding Trump’s antics, Curry nodded in agreement.

“I hope to be in that situation where we win a championship and obviously we know what comes with that, but I don’t think that… I agree with ‘Bron,” said Stephen Curry. “I’m pretty sure, the way we handled things last year, we’ll stay consistent with that. But at the end of the day every team has the opportunity to make the decision for themselves and speak for themselves and that’s powerful of being in this situation.”

The Warriors were the first team to unanimously refrain from making the now customary visit to the White House, choosing instead to go to a museum alongside local youth from Kevin Durant’s hometown in Seat Pleasant, Maryland.

Curry was outspoken during a Media Day availability prior to the start of the regular season, revealing that his personal preference would be not to attend, yet giving his teammates the power to make a group decision.

Trump pulled the invitation shortly after, although it was never formally extended, knowing that the team-wide sentiment, from coach to players — would be to pass on the opportunity.

Should the Warriors win another two games and obtain another title, expect no different next year from the aspiring back-to-back champions.