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Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant won’t blame Game 4 loss to Rockets in last possession/missed timeout

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

A pivotal loss to the Houston Rockets in Game 4 brought plenty of finger-pointing, looking for a scapegoat to blame after the Golden State Warriors couldn’t sustain a 10-point lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Missed shots, no ball movement, too much isolation, and an unheard timeout coming from the Warriors bench that could have changed the trajectory of the game, and a rushed 3-point attempt at the end for the player with the quickest trigger in the league in Stephen Curry.

But the Warriors aren’t placing blame on any of those factors, but rather the other opportunities missed during the fourth quarter that led to a hideous 3-of-18 performance from the floor in a 12-point final period.

“That’s not the reason we lost the game. I wish it could have been a better possession at the end,” Kevin Durant said, according to Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News. “I definitely wish I had that last play back. So I’m going to watch film and see what my options were. Hopefully if I’m in that position again, I’ll be better.”

Curry had one last opportunity with 0.5 seconds left, a decent look that could have gone in with a less rushed approach, but he also won’t blame that for the loss.

“You don’t know how long you can catch, turn and do that whole thing. So maybe rushed it a little bit,” Curry said. “Decent look, but you wish the game didn’t come down to that.”

Now Golden State is forced to go into the lions’ den and steal home court right back after doing so in Game 1, with only one more game left at home in the series.