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WATCH: Warriors star Stephen Curry left screaming in fear by Phil Mickelson’s infamous trick shot

Warriors, Stephen Curry, Phil Mickelson

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has been in virtually every pressure situation throughout his decorated NBA career. As it turns out, however, the former back-to-back MVP still isn’t immune from the occasional moment of terror. This is exactly what golf legend Phil Mickelson brought out in Curry in a recent encounter between the two sports icons.

Mickelson pulled off his infamous trick shot right beside the Warriors guard. It looks like Curry was shaking as he had to give off a scream right after Mickelson hit the golf ball at full strength (h/t Warriors on Twitter):

Curry did his best to hide his fear, but he didn’t do too good a job at it. Steph was clearly relieved once he realized that his head was still in the right place after Mickelson drove the ball down the fairway. The Warriors star did look a bit shaken and was at a loss for words, though.

This was all in good fun, and Mickelson has done this many times in the past. As a matter of fact, he even came out with a post-trick shot tweet to say that everything’s cool:

Based on his scream of terror, it did look like Curry was pretty worried for a moment there. We’re all just glad everything went according to plan here. Just please don’t do this again, guys.