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Stephen Curry names his personal favorite among all NBA arenas’ popcorns

Stephen Curry

In sports, there is never a bad topic – or in this case, a corny subject — to nitpick. In fact, during an interview on ESPN with Jalen Rose, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was asked about his own choice for worst and best popcorns in the NBA. Miami Heat fans will love his answer. For Philadelphia 76ers fans, Curry’s answer might just make their hate of Golden State even fiercer.

According to Curry, the best popcorn right now in the league is served in Miami.

“The best, right now, is probably Miami. It always comes fresh and hot, salty, a little bit of butter.

After a brief period of thinking, the two-time MVP then said that the worst-tasting popcorn is in Philly.

“The worst is probably…. Ooh, that’s a good question. Probably Philly right now? And that’s no knock on the city or The Process or anything.”

You can watch the whole exchange between Rose and Curry below, right around the 7:40 mark.

Not many basketball fans know that apart from being a deadeye three-point sniper, Stephen Curry is also a popcorn connoisseur, which was why Rose, a popcorn enthusiast himself, felt it was necessary to pop the question to the Warriors superstar.

Curry is currently sidelined with a knee injury that will cost him to miss the rest of the regular season. He is expected to be back in the playoffs, but it is also yet not certain whether he’d be ready to play in Game 1 of the first round.