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Warriors star Stephen Curry reacts to Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook being tagged as overrated

Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry called out the players who recently voted his teammate Draymond Green and Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook as two of the most overrated players in the NBA today.

The poll, spearheaded by The Athletic, asked anonymous NBA players to answer several questions, including who’s the best defender in the league, the best ball handler, the most underrated and the most overrated.

When the results came out, Green and Westbrook’s name stood out as the most overrated players in the NBA. They each had 17 percent of their fellow players’ votes. Draymond has been seen by a lot of fans as someone who’s just riding the Warriors’ success, while Brodie has often been called a stat padder.

Curry, who was voted as the second best ball handler in the NBA in another poll, said that the players who called Green and Westbrook overrated might have never had the chance to play with or against both guys.

Green, a two-time All-Star, is considered by many as the glue-guy for the Warriors. He does all the little things for the team, especially hustle plays. He’s also one of Golden State’s locker room leaders, and he has always been emotional on the court which usually helps Golden State. To sum it up, Dray is the team’s sparkplug.

Westbrook is on pace to average a triple-double for the third consecutive season, something that hasn’t been done since Oscar Robertson achieved such feat back in the 1970s.

Stephen Curry knows how talented both Draymond Green and Russell Westbrook are, and he’s making it clear that he doesn’t see them the way his fellow NBA players do.