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Stephen Curry reacts to Damian Lillard practicing shots from the logo

Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard

Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard shared a video of himself on Instagram tossing up shots from halfcourt—and draining every single one. The clip quickly caught the eye of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, who presented an interesting dare for Lillard.

Curry, who missed majority of last season due to a left hand injury, seems excited to heave long-range bombs once again. After seeing Lillard practicing his seemingly unlimited range, he was curious if Dame is brave enough to hoist one from way deep early in the shot clock.

Of course, Lillard responded with the affirmative, saying they should both do it on opening night.


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Since entering the NBA in 2012 and winning Rookie of the Year honors, Lillard has been one of the most dynamic scoring guards in the league. Over the years, he has added that shot from the logo in his arsenal. In the NBA Bubble, he showcased how confident he is in pulling from way downtown despite plenty of time in the shot clock. 

Prior to getting rocked by a spate of injuries, Curry was also doing the same. In fact, many believe he started the entire thing. Many also credit him for changing the way the game is played today, with three-pointers being more weaponized than ever.

Now, guys like Trae Young, James Harden, and even LeBron James are pulling up from 40 feet. But of course, they’re not as deadly as Lillard and Curry, who have had their fair share of duels.

Let’s see if they push through with their plans on their respective opening games. The Warriors will first face the Brooklyn Nets on December 22, while the Blazers are still waiting for their assignment.