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Warriors star Stephen Curry reveals the secret to his jump shot

Stephen Curry, Warriors

When you see Stephen Curry put up a 3-pointer without following through or shooting without watching the ball go in and all the other wild, “ill-advised” shots he has made throughout his career, it makes you say, “Wow, how did he do that?”

Curry is basically uncoachable when it comes to shooting. Since he can make any shot on the court at any time, he changed the idea of what is considered a bad shot. Whenever he decides to shoot from 35 feet, opposing players fear Curry is adding them to his highlight reel.

So, how does he do it? How can Curry shoot the ball so well while breaking all the fundamentals of shooting?

“It’s all about balance. Everybody gets to it differently, but when you’re in balance, and you got a good foundation underneath you, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re square to the basket, but your feet are underneath you. You have the rhythm and strength to push off the floor and get into your shot. That’s the most important thing,” Curry told ClutchPoints.

Fans have seen videos of Curry knocking down 100-plus 3s without missing, and some think it’s just the best shooter ever just shooting. But what you’re seeing is a master focusing on his craft.

“Usually, when my shot goes haywire, my feet aren’t underneath me, and you’re not able to get rhythm from the ground up. Everybody gets to it differently, but that’s the biggest consistent thing that you need to shoot the ball at a high level,” Curry said.

Now that we know the secret, everyone can go to their local gym and work on being balanced, and one day you will be able to shoot like Stephen Curry, who made history on Wednesday night with his latest fireworks display from beyond the arc. Maybe that’s not true, but at least now you know where to start.