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Warriors star Stephen Curry reveals why he honored Breonna Taylor at celebrity golf tournament

Stephen Curry, Warriors, Breonna Taylor

Stephen Curry might not be taking part in the NBA bubble at Disney World, but he’s still making important social statements whenever he’s in the public eye. The Golden State Warriors star, who finished fourth in the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament, wore a pair of customized cleats honoring Breonna Taylor.

Taylor, a 26-year-old African American medical worker in Louisville, was shot and killed in her sleep during a no-knock warrant search by local police after they believed Taylor’s residence was being used by two men under a drug investigation.

The Warriors point guard explained his decision to honor Taylor during a “Today Show” appearance on Monday:

“There’s no reason why those cops who were responsible shouldn’t be brought to justice for how everything went down,” Curry told NBC News’ Craig Melvin. “That ‘say her name’ thing is huge to apply pressure to that conversation.”

Curry argued that those players going into the NBA bubble are doing the right thing by using their platform to speak on social justice issues and incentivize reform of the system. When asked if he was concerned about alienating fans through the process, the Warriors star had a firm response:

“I’m not sensitive to that at all,” said Curry. “I applaud every single player who is gonna take that opportunity. We’re human first, and if you can’t accept what we wanna talk about or what we wanna highlight or what we wanna change in our society, then don’t accept us as basketball players either.”

Former NBA player and current analyst Charles Barkley shook things up during a recent interview with CNBC, arguing fans don’t want to see “a bunch of rich people talking about stuff all the time” since they’re facing the effects of a worldwide pandemic.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 285 of the 350 players eligible for the NBA bubble had picked a social justice message to put on their jerseys. A total of 17 players, including LeBron James and Anthony Davis,
 have opted to continue using their last names.