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Warriors’ Stephen Curry sets third MVP award as a goal


Stephen Curry has the unique chance to showcase his MVP form once again at the wake of Kevin Durant’s departure and Klay Thompson’s unfortunate torn ACL injury, which should leave him out of action until February or March. The Golden State Warriors talisman could very possibly be in the running for the award, now that the team will need the full extent of his firepower to stay afloat in the playoff race this season.

Having netted two MVP trophies — one of them unanimously — the long-range sniper still has another MVP award in his sights.

“I always say, I’m playing like I’m the best player on the floor no matter what the situation is.” Curry told ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “That’s my mentality. It might not mean I’m taking every shot, but that’s the aggressiveness that I need to play with and the confidence I need to have. So– that’ll carry me the rest of my career. And at the end of the day, winning an MVP would be special. And it’s something that I’ve experienced before and would love to experience again. I’d love to push the envelope and push the limits a little bit. So you won’t see anything different about how I play, you know, this season versus years past.”

Curry will have the bulk of the scoring responsibilities coming into this 2019-20 season, and it’s very possible that if he is to make that third run for the highly-lauded award, that it could come sooner than later, as the Warriors move into their new facility and hope to open the Chase Center with plenty of fireworks.