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Stephen Curry tagged as top-three NBA player of all time by legendary rapper

Stephen Curry, Warriors, E-40

There’s no questioning Stephen Curry’s legacy in the NBA. That’s just a cold hard fact. Many fans, however, don’t regard Curry as one of the GOATs. He’s usually not mentioned in debates of the top five NBA players ever.

But don’t tell that to legendary Bay Area rapper E-40. He perhaps has 40 million reasons why Curry is the best player to lace up in NBA history—and he’s not shy about singing praises to the Golden State Warriors superstar (via NBC Sports Bay Area).

“I feel like Steph Curry is the GOAT. At the end of the day, they will see this man is top three for sure. They are going to see and all the kids look up to him too. They love Steph and that man do his thang.”

The sweet-shooting Curry is one of the most unique players in NBA lore. But for E-40, the former Davidson standout also reminds him of another game-changing guard.

“The kids look up to Steph like they did with Allen Iverson.”
Like AI, the 33-year-old Curry has indeed imprinted his influence, with his crazy handles, flawless shooting form, and the sheer audacity to just literally shoot from anywhere.
It’s crazy to think that despite two MVP seasons, Curry might have played his best campaign this season after leading the NBA in scoring with 32.0 points per game. The Warriors fell short of the NBA Playoffs again, but clearly, Stephen Curry is far from done. Just ask E-40.
“The Warriors are going to be back. We got some of the younger players and they are going to be back and they are ready to play. We got it and we was good this year.”
As Draymond Green
once eloquently said: Yup!