It's official: Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is now the record-holder for the most 3-pointers of all time, surpassing Ray Allen's record on Tuesday against the New York Knicks.

Of course it was no longer a surprise. Ever since he got to less than 10 triples away from the 2973 record, everyone has their eyes on the Warriors sharpshooter. As predicted, he broke the record against the Knicks, and he didn't waste time doing so.

Curry entered the game needing just two triples to claim the record, and in the first quarter, he finally got that long-awaited 2974th triple of his career.

Here's the video of the historic moment:

Stephen Curry has long been considered the GOAT shooter, and he cemented that status by breaking the record that Ray Allen held for 10 years. The former Boston Celtics and Miami Heat champ broke the same record (then owned by Reggie Miller) in 2011.

It was a long-time coming for Curry, and it's well-deserved. As the player who changed the NBA game forever, it seems only fitting that he owns the 3-point shooting record as well.

What makes Curry's accomplishment even more amazing is the fact that he did it in way fewer games. The meeting with the Knicks is just Curry's 789th, while Allen needed 1300 games to reach the feat.

Allen himself was in attendance at MSG to witness Curry break his record, and it undoubtedly makes it more special.

The Warriors sharpshooter is far from done from making more 3-pointers, and by the looks of it, it will be difficult (or near impossible) for the next contender to break Curry's 3-point milestone.