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Warriors’ Stephen Curry’s unexpected answer on putting ‘fear’ into players’ eyes

Stephen Curry, Warriors

SAN FRANCISCO – There are NBA superstars, and then there’s Stephen Curry. He is the most feared player in the NBA. Yeah, there’s LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and others, but nobody puts fear in an opponent quite like Curry. After practice with the Golden State Warriors on Saturday, ClutchPoints asked the superstar if he notices the fear in his opponents.

“It happens so fast. You don’t really have time to really think about anything or notice the look on somebody’s face. You’re just trying to go get a bucket, so I guess yes and no,” Curry shared.

Stephen Curry is currently leading the NBA in scoring in a very close race with Washington Wizards Bradley Beal. On any given night, Curry can go off for 40 points or more. You might be thinking, “So can the other superstars mentioned above,” which is true.

Durant can rise and shoot over anybody, and James can use his size and overpower smaller defenders. Curry can absolutely embarrass you, and he will repeatedly do it for an entire game. Making circus shots or breaking your ankles, Stephen Curry is an absolute nightmare for opposing defenders.

The two-time MVP isn’t much of a trash talker either. While scoring buckets, he’s not saying a word. He’s chewing his mouthpiece and sometimes doing his shimmy dance, all while being double- and triple-teamed by his opponents.

Nobody can guard Stephen Curry one on one, and I’m sure not many are volunteering to be his primary defender.

“Sometimes when you pick on certain guys you can start to see it. I used to be that guy back in the day, so I know what it’s like, the keyword used to be,” Curry told ClutchPoints.

The man who some call the babyface assassin displays greatness every night for NBA fans. At 33 years old, he is the most feared player in the NBA.

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors play the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday in their final game of the season. Both teams are 38-33, and the winner gets the No. 8 spot in the play-in tournament. This game will be must see basketball.

Stephen Curry will try to beat the Grizzlies. He might make Memphis defenders fear him in the process, especially since he didn’t play in the two previous Warriors-Grizzlies meetings this season.