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Stephen Curry wishes Golden State had a magical potion


The Golden State Warriors have been struggling as of late. They have lost five of their last eight games, including a back-to-back against the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic last week. They have also allowed themselves to be blown out by the Boston Celtics on their home floor.

Two-time MVP Steph Curry said that one of the Warriors’ problems during their recent slump is their lack of effort and energy on the floor. He wished that there’s some type of magic potion that they can use so that they can turn things around whenever they feel sluggish.

“I’d love to have some magic potion and say we can come out and play with better energy and better discipline and kind of rectify it, but we’ve got to, at some point, stop talking about it and figure it out.”

The Warriors are of course gunning for their third straight title. However, they are not looking like a championship caliber team. With less than 20 games remaining, they will have to figure things out in order for them to get some type of momentum heading into the postseason.

The beatdown they took from Boston should serve as a wake-up call. Everybody is looking to dethrone them, and with targets behind their backs, Golden State needs to prove that they can stand toe-to-toe with any challenger; contender or not, they will have to remind everyone that there’s a reason why they’re back-to-back champions.

And it starts with energy and hustle.