Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry’s video showing him draining five straight full-court shots is going viral, with the whole NBA Twitter debating whether it’s real or fake.

If it was done by any other player, it would have been easy to say it’s fake. There wouldn’t even be a debate about it. But it’s Curry we’re talking about here, widely considered the greatest shooter of all time and a player who once made 105 straight 3-pointers. With that said, it’s easy to see why many people are split whether he really achieved that insane feat or not.

Some think it’s real, putting their belief on the fact that Stephen Curry is the GOAT shooter. Others also said that the trajectory of the ball when Steph threw them and how they bounced on the court after they got into the rim all looked natural.

“But what if it is real. That just shows you how good Steph is. It could be real. He’s that damn good!” one fan said.

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“This is real you literally see the first ball roll away throughout the video as he prepares to shoot the next one,” another supporter noted.

Of course, others were quick to point out why it’s fake. For one, it’s virtually impossible for Curry to make five straight-full court heaves and get the ball going in smoothly–all without form and just relying on pure luck. Many also pointed out that the person who shared it, Ari Fararooy, is a known video director who has plenty of edited works.

“It’s fake, this is the guy they tagged. He made an edit with Tom Brady too,” one commenter noted. Another fan corroborated the claim and said, “No, it’s not real. The guy responsible for this is also responsible for those fake viral Brady videos.”

For what it’s worth–and for the peace of mind of everyone–the video has been reported to be fake. Janie McCauley of Associated Press noted that the Warriors themselves confirmed it.

Sure enough, it’s a fun watch and an awesome topic of discussion. It just goes to show how incredible of a shooter Curry is.