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Warriors coach Steve Kerr admits he can relate more to his bench players than Hall of Fame starters

Steve Kerr, Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are loaded with talent. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green could be in the Hall of Fame when their careers are over, and they are the names that will often be mentioned when talking about how dominant the Dubs have been in this decade.

However, Warriors coach Steve Kerr also wants the reserves to gain enough recognition for their efforts in helping the Warriors win. He added that it is crucial to keep them motivated in the same way as the starters because it helps them feel important — not only in the rotation but also in the overall structure of the championship team that they’ve built.

But why is Kerr giving so much emphasis on his role players? Because he can relate to them more than his starters.

Kerr spent most of his career as a reserve when he played and won championships with the Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs. Although he didn’t share the spotlight with guys like Michael Jordan or Tim Duncan, he played an important role in helping his teams win the titles.

From helping the starting guards get their much-deserved rest to knocking down big shots off the bench, Kerr did everything he could to take advantage of every opportunity that was given to him.

The contribution of the Warriors’ bench in these playoffs won’t be seen in the stats sheet, but to Kerr, every minute they spend on the floor is important in helping the team succeed. It will be more and more significant as they close in on their third straight championship.