Warriors news: Steve Kerr calls Marquese Chriss the 'surprise of camp'
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Warriors coach Steve Kerr calls Marquese Chriss the ‘surprise of camp’

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The Golden State Warriors have become the standard of the 2010s after winning three NBA championships in a four-year span. But after the departure of Kevin Durant and the injury to Klay Thompson, there are many ready to write them off.

However, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has remained optimistic and is approaching training camp with a sense of urgency. Newcomers D’Angelo Russell and Marquess Chriss are interesting additions to the roster and are attempting to fuse their way into the Golden State system, though it’s the latter player that has been the true breakout player at camp.

Fitting Chriss into the Warriors’ plan will be interesting, to say the least. The Dubs’ offense is predicated on motion cuts, passing and 3-point shooting. While Chriss doesn’t possess the skills of the former or latter, Kerr did state that he has skill as a passer.

If Chriss can mesh into the Warriors’ culture, he won’t have to worry about how he fits offensively.

The Dubs have done a great job developing big men to complement their dynamic offensive attack. Another athletic big man who can run the floor will allow Stephen Curry to operate in an efficient manner on the perimeter.

While Golden State is flying under the radar, players such as Chriss are giving Kerr high optimism that the upcoming 2019-20 season will be alright.