Warriors news: Steve Kerr claims basketball players who grew up playing soccer 'are better passers'
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Steve Kerr claims basketball players who grew up playing soccer ‘are better passers’

Steve Kerr, Warriors

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes basketball players who grew up playing soccer “are better passers.”

Kerr says he would make American youth basketball players play soccer to help them understand how to pass and move within a team setting.

“If I was the czar of American basketball, I would make every player coming through the youth basketball program play football. It translates directly (to hoops). The problem in basketball today the young players are coming up and they just try to beat everyone one-on-one with the dribble. They’re unbelievably gifted dribbling the ball but they don’t understand how to pass and to move. Which is what football would teach them,” Kerr said on a recent episode of the Men in Blazers soccer podcast.

“Players who played soccer growing up, they’re better passers. Steve Nash. Unbelievable passer. Toni Kukoc was a beautiful passer. And there’s no question in my mind that he was influenced by football.

“(Kids) understand the concept of triangles. They understand the concept of passing the ball, and cutting behind the man defending. That’s what football is. Find the angles, creating opportunities, creating scoring chances.”

Steve Nash is a gifted soccer player. As we all know, he’s one of the best passers in NBA history.

The Warriors, who currently have the worst record in the NBA at 3-14, are looking for any type of positives in a season which has been dreadful from start to finish. Warriors superstar point guard Stephen Curry is out with a broken hand, All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson has yet to play due to his ACL injury, and the group Kerr is coaching right now just doesn’t have enough talent to win games.

Maybe Kerr should hit up a soccer game in the Bay Area to find some more players.