The Golden State Warriors may have missed the playoffs, but according to Steve Kerr, that only lit a fire in Draymond Green and the team.

During his appearance on KNBR's “Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks,” Kerr talked about a variety of topics, including the longevity of Stephen Curry and the season Green had with the Warriors. As the Warriors coach shared, Dray's competitive spirit remains sky high, with a championship title still very much in his mind.

“And the exciting thing is, he really wants to win a title,” Kerr said of the Warriors forward, per NBC Sports. “He really wants to be back in the limelight as a group, as a team. And he's so motivated this summer. … We're all bummed that he didn't make the playoffs, but we have to look on the bright side, which is that our team's in a really good frame of mind.”

Draymond Green didn't have the best season for the Warriors offensively, but defensively? Now, that's a different matter. While his scoring leaves much to be desired, Green proved that he is still an elite defender, anchoring the Dubs to a top-10 defense en route to becoming a DPOY finalist.

It is safe to say Green has returned to his usual self after a weird 2019-20 campaign that saw the Warriors lose Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to injuries. As Kerr highlighted, he is hungrier than ever to get back to the promised land.

With a healthy squad (hopefully) coming in 2021-22, it might be wrong to count Dray and the Warriors out.