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Steve Kerr’s honest take on ‘next 15 years’ for Warriors

Warriors, Steve Kerr

The Golden State Warriors have excelled under the leadership of head coach Steve Kerr, playing to a 401-177 regular season record while winning three NBA titles. Kerr spoke about Golden State’s attempt to maximize their chances of winning both now and in the future, offering an honest take on the next 15 years for the Warriors.

“I can say this with sincerity: I want the Warriors to be great for the next 15 years,” Kerr says. “And I’m not going to be the coach here for the next 15 years. … So if that means that we grow the next core right now, over the next two years with this team, and they end up taking over the team, and the team is great for the next 10 years? That’d be awesome. I would love that.”

People may not think that Steve Kerr is being sincere here, but he is. Kerr genuinely cares about the future of the Warriors, an organization that he has helped take to the top of the NBA mountain.

The former Chicago Bulls guard won five NBA titles with Michael Jordan, two more with the San Antonio Spurs and then three more as the coach of the Dubs. He doesn’t need any more rings anyway!

In all seriousness, Kerr is showing the ultimate commitment to the Golden State organization. He knows that he won’t be the Warriors head coach in 15 years.

However, he wants to maximize the young core that the Warriors have right now- the James Wisemans, Moses Moodys and Jonathan Kalingas of the world- so that the team can compete for the next 10 years.

It’s interesting that Kerr brought up the two-year timeline when speaking about the young players that the Warriors have. Did Kerr slip up or is this really a hint that he’ll be leaving the Warriors soon? The title-winning head coach is up for a contract extension at the end of the year, though it would seem unlikely that he would leave Golden State anytime soon.

After all, Steve Kerr has both the Warriors’ present and future best interests in mind.