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Warriors coach Steve Kerr reveals he and Draymond Green are a different animal, but same beast

Draymond Green Steve Kerr Warriors

Draymond Green and Steve Kerr could not have been more dissimilar as NBA players. But the Golden State Warriors coach revealed they’re more alike than you think.

Kerr spoke out on how he and his Warriors star can both “snap” at any moment, if provoked.

Via Taylor Wirth of NBC Sports Bay Area:

“We both have the ability to snap, to completely lose our minds,” Kerr said of Draymond on Tim Kawakami’s “The TK Show“. “We are more alike than people would guess. I think the competitive fire inside us is in fact, very similar. It drives us, it’s what drove me from the time I was a little kid to know, it’s what’s driven Draymond and that competitiveness is always going to drive us.”

Although Steve Kerr seems much more mild-mannered than his supposed on-court counterpart, it definitely does make sense. A player as fiery as Draymond Green needs a coach who can match his intensity. Perhaps Steve Kerr showcases that more often than we’d expect behind the scenes.

Clearly, both respect each other immensely at this point after going through everything the Warriors have this past decade plus. Hopefully we see both on the same page once more once the NBA season rolls around.