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Steve Kerr reveals why Eric Paschall makes 2019-20 a successful season for the Warriors

Steve Kerr, Warriors, Eric Paschall

Golden State Warriors fans have not had much to be happy about during the course of the 2019-20 NBA season.

Injuries to Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry wrecked any chance they had of reaching the postseason, and they have the worst record in basketball with play currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, second-round pick Eric Paschall has been a bright spot. Paschall was averaging 14.0 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2.1 assists through his first 60 games, solidifying himself as a future rotation player even once the Warriors nurse themselves back to health.

In fact, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr used Paschall as an indicator for why this season is a success (via Tim Kawakami of The Athletic):

“Eric Paschall looks like a guy, because of his physical strength, his power, his confidence offensively … he looks like a guy who we could throw into a playoff game right now and he would hold his own,” Kerr said. “And that’s one of the ways we kind of look at players and look at the league, is when you watch the two best teams in the league play in a regular-season game or when you watch any playoff game, can this player on our roster, can he be out there? The answer with Eric for sure is a resounding yes. And that’s exciting.

“Now, he’s got a lot to improve upon. He’s going to work hard on his 3-point shot. He’s talked about that this year. But he’s got kind of the modern profile — big, strong kid, can guard multiple positions, nobody’s going to overwhelm him on the post or on the perimeter. And to be able to get a guy like that in the second round and watch him grow and develop, I think that alone makes this a successful season.”

The Warriors could reassert themselves as contenders next year.

Aside from getting both Thompson and Curry back, Paschall will give the Dubs something they seemed to lack especially during their run to the NBA Finals last season: bench scoring and versatility.

In any case, Kerr is excited for Paschall’s future with the Warriors.