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Steve Kerr says Warriors have a different mindset now at this stage of the season compared to last year

Steve Kerr, Warriors

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr revealed some interesting details about his team’s mindset this year. For the Warriors, the last few games of this regular season hold a bit more weight as compared to last year.

Per Nick Friedell of ESPN, Kerr admitted might have implied that they’re chasing for the number one spot in the Western Conference. Subsequently, they want to seal the first seed for home court advantage.

“It’s definitely a different mindset. Each game takes on more importance. Last year I think the final 20 games we kind of knew we were going to be the 2 seed It’s a little different this year and I think it’s going to help us prepare for the playoffs”

As of this writing, the Warriors sport a 48-22 record for first place in the West. The Denver Nuggets, who are in second place, are just 1/2 game behind. With a little over 10 games remaining, it’ll be a tight race for the first seed.

This was not the case last season. The Houston Rockets — led by reigning MVP James Harden — stormed to 65 wins in the regular season. The Mike D’Antoni-coached squad locked the first seed in the West and had home court advantage the entire postseason. The whole NBA quickly tagged them as the immediate threats to the Warriors’ throne.

And the Rockets were really close in ousting the champs. But in the end, experience and a bit of luck were on the Warriors side. Yet from Kerr’s words, they’re more bent on controlling their own fate this time around.