The Golden State Warriors with the run they have had have put themselves up there with some of the best teams of all time. One thing is usually common about good teams as they are all confident in their skills and what they can do.

That isn't any different with the Warriors, and Steve Kerr recently went as far as telling Michael Lee of Yahoo! Sports that their team is confident that they can win anywhere.

“We had no interest in winning 74 games last year. And I came into this year fully expecting to be where we are right now, which is off of our pace from the last couple of years,” Kerr told Yahoo Sports. “I didn’t think it was realistic to keep winning 67. I mean, it’s just crazy. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of energy. I like where we are. We’re on pace for 62, 63 or wherever we are. You can’t account for what anyone else is doing.

“The good thing is with a championship team like ours, is you know you can win on the road in the playoffs,” Kerr continued, citing the Warriors’ 7-1 record last postseason. “We’re pretty confident we can win anywhere.”

That quote is clearly referring to the race for the top seed in the Western Conference, which is currently held by the Houston Rockets.

That means that Kerr and the Warriors are confident that even if they have to go to Houston for a seven-game series, they believe they can come out victorious in it.

The Warriors have played two games in Houston so far this year and split the series. In the first game, they came out ahead 124-114, but the Rockets got the best of them in the second game winning that one 116-108. For the Warriors, though, best case scenario for them is jumping the Rockets and getting that first seed.